Diesel Engine Driven Mooring Winch

Category: Marine Winch

The diesel driven mooring winch is a machine to be used for mooring operation of boats and ships, when a ship comes into a port, it needs to stop and keep in place without moving forward or back, which is important for the ship safety in port or at a pier.

Mooring winch for ships is used to realize the safe stop of the ships, the winch is driven by a diesel engine, and this mooring winch is more widely used especially on large scale ships for mooring operations. On a smaller boat, the operator may directly power the winch with a crank, that’s why the design of mooring winches depends on the type of ship, the weights of mooring lines including rope, cable and chain, the level of stress the lines may endure and bear when the ship is in port or at a dock, etc.

Mooring winch for ships has single, double or triple drum as needed, the operators twine rope, cable or chain around the mooring drum, during mooring ship, the operators pay out the line from the mooring winch installed on deck allowing it to reach shore, and then they attach the line to the cleats or other points to stop the ship and keep it in place.

Classifications of Mooring Winches

The mooring winch can be categorized in different ways as follows:

  • classified by drive type

there are electric mooring winch, hydraulic mooring winch and diesel mooring winch.

  • classified by control type

there are mooring winches with automatic control and winches with manual tensioning control;

  • classified by the number of drum

there are single drum mooring winch, double drum mooring winch and triple drum mooring winch to meet different mooring needs. For the mooring windlasses with more than one drum, the drums can be split or undivided.

The mooring winch can adopt different types of brakes, like band brake and disc brake.

Driven Mode Engine Driven
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