About Fountom Marine


Born And Growing

- On the way to make a difference in opportunities and challenges

Fountom was started by a group of former marine engineers. During the early years, Fountom worked as an export agency for Chinese marine equipment factories, gained widely acknowledgement of Chinese supplying market and rapid self growth, yet also confronted the challenges of:

  • Product quality control. It’s hard for foreign buyers to select, even identify the genuine or qualified suppliers and products;
  • Difficulty in claiming after-sale service or warranty for overseas buyers;
  • Information mismatch. It could be a long supplying chain for the product to reach the end buyer from manufacturer, yet the sales personnels are not as professional as technicians on products, information may not be delivered effectively or accurately.

Fountom seize these challenges as opportunities for innovation. By recruiting marine engineers and surveyors, setting up quality control program from strategic supplier partnerships, Fountom is now serving shipowners, shipyards and other shipping services parties from over 13 countries. Propulsion and deck machinery are the major parts of Fountom marine services. Fountom participate in full order process including project coordination, material inspection, manufacturing process & test running supervision, classification approval and product delivery.

What We Provide

- Focused on what we do the best at, yet not limited to

Fountom is committed to providing marine equipment and integrated systems, for the worldwide shipbuilding and ship repairing, with a primary focus on Deck machinery & Accessories, Propulsion system, Fountom also has wide acknowledge and domestic resource of marine ship accommodation and auxiliary machinery. For those products beyond our primary focus, we are also glad to share the information with our customers.

How We Stand Out

- Your purchase branch here, with a professional team that can rely on

Fountom is the professional, cost and time effective one for your long term cooperation. Service and quality are always the priority, Fountom executes compensation in advance policy to guarantee customer satisfactions. The way Fountom sees itself as, one should be representing a China onsite purchasing department of its clients, rather than an export agency of factories.

All of Fountom’s partners are direct manufacturers which share not only responsibility but also profits. So far 5 qualified marine propulsion equipment manufacturers, 4 deck machinery manufacturers  and 3 ship accommodation system (including furnitures) manufacturers have joined Fountom for an shared promising maritime group. Fountom also owns 3 technical units for pre-sales and after sale services including propulsion torsional vibration calculations, product tests inspection, installation guidance and sea trials, etc.

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Cost and time effective marine equipment integrator and supplier from China.

At last
It has been tough years for shipbuilding industry, Fountom team insists and believes with guaranteed quality, effective service and competitive products shall bring more value to its customers.