Marine Valves

Marine valves are widely used to control the volume, switching and direction of the fluid on ships. Types of the fluid can be fuel oil, lubricating oil, air, gas, steam, fresh water, sea water, bilge and sludge.

For continuous working conditions on ship, it requires valves to be leak resistant, also capable of withstanding high temperatures, high pressure and corrosions. Valve manufactures must have high production technic with better material.

Valves Provided By Fountom

General Range

  • Nominal diameter: DN6~1000mm;
  • Nominal pressure: 0.1Mpa~16Mpa;
  • Material: casting iron, steel, bronze, stainless steel, forged steel.

Standards Of Valves

Fully compliant with JIS, GB, ANSI.

For DIN valves, Fountom is only able to provide dimensional match to DIN valves so far.

Ship Class Certifications

All Fountom marine valves have been approved by classes of CCS ABS, GL, LR, BV, NK, DNV, RINA, KR.

Types Of Marine Valves

Main Valves:

quick closing valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, non-return valve, storm valve, SDNR (screw down non-return) valve, self closing drain valve, ball valve, high temp ball valve, pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, sea suction valve, overboard valve.

Valve Components:

pressure gauges, temperature thermometer, liquid level gauge, flowmeter, sea strainer, air vent, fire hydrant, bilge injector, mud box, simplex filter, duplex filter, exhaust elbow, rose box.

Most Common Marine Valve Illustrates

ball valve globe valve gate valve
Ball Valve Globe Valve Gate Valve

  • Click to view more typical marine valves
    butterfly valve non return valve quick closing valve
    Butterfly Valve Non-return Valve Quick Closing Valve
    air vent fire hydrant exaust bellow
    Air Vent Fire Hydrant Exhaust Bellow
    simplex filter duplex filter sea strainer
    Simplex Filter Duplex Filter Sea Strainer
    mud box bilge injector relief valve
    Mud Box Bilge Injector Pressure Relief Valve

To enquiry multiple valves, you may download the sample doc:

doc file

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Why Choose Fountom For Marine Valves

Competitive Pricing

With constant partnership with valve factories in China, Fountom has supplied annually over 16000 pcs of marine valves.

Quality Control

Valves follow ship class rules in material, process and tests, Fountom conducts strict procedures in inspecting the valve body, leak detection, low pressure test. Each valve is under warranty of 12 months.

Fast Delivery

Fountom keeps large in-stock for common valve models, and coordinate valve manufacturer to meet the deliver in shortest period.

Whole Shipset Valves

Focused on marine equipment, Fountom is experienced in providing valves for whole ships with components of gauges, meters and filters. The applications of ships including oil tanker, passenger, cargo ship, etc.