Towing Hook

Towing hook is a device which is primarily used to enable a quick connection to a tow, and secondly to reduce the heeling moment on the tug during ship handling. The towing hook is to be fitted as low as possible.

Fountom provides most types of the towing hooks such as disc type towing hooks, harbour towing hook, spring towing hook, etc. Fountom designed the (QRH) Quick Release Towing Hooks specifically so towing lines can be released manually or remote controlled by means of pneumatic or hydraulic assistance.

Our standard range of towing hooks is able to safely handle workloads from 5 up to 150 metric tons. The towing hooks can be equipped with an electric-pneumatic or electric-hydraulic remote control systems for towing hook release by means of a push button.


  • Towing Hook Load Monitoring
  • Easy operation with Remote Control
  • Electric pneumatic remote control
  • Electric hydraulic remote control