Oily Water Separator

Marine oily water separator, also known as bilge separator, is the systematic machinery used to filter oily particles from bilge water on ships.

According to standard MEPC 107(49) issued on 18 July 2003 by IMO (International Maritime Organization), the emulsified bilge water should not be discharged overboard if the mixture containing more than 15ppm of oil content.

The Application Of Fountom Oily Water Separator

Fountom is providing the oily water separators with the stablest technology that fully follows latest standards -MEPC 107(49) and widely installed on all kinds of ships.

Fountom oily water separator can effectively dispose the fluids in bilge water including fuel oil, high-density residual oil and emulsion mixture combined with black ferric oxide and surfactant. This separator can be used in industrial and petroleum applications. The effluent oil content from Fountom separator can meet any standards of Environment Bureau in China.

Main Technical Data For Model Selection Or Customization

Rated Capacity: 0.25 ~ 5.00 m3/h

Pump Power: 0.37 ~ 2.20 Kw

Weight: 400 ~ 4500 Kg

Type Approvals Available: CCS, ABS, DNV-GL, BV, RS.

Top Quality Components From Top Suppliers

This separator adopts components from the most reliable and reputable suppliers, including:

  • Electrical control box by Schneider, French;
  • 15ppm bilge alarm by Deckma Hamburg, German;
  • Screw pump by the Mono Pump, UK.

Working Principle Of Fountom Bilge Separator

The device adopts the combination of steam(electrical) heating; the 1st stage cone wave plate gravity and coalesce separation, the 1st and the second stage fiber filter and the third stage membrane permeation in order to make the treated bilge water to meet the requirements of discharge standard of the resolutions of IMO MEPC.107(49).