Marine Boiler

A boiler is a closed vessel in which water or other liquid is heated, while marine boiler has many applications on ships:

To power the the main propulsion engine;

To heat up fuel, lubricating oil to make it less viscous to transfer or ignite;

For on-board living such as cleaning and fresh water generation.

Standout features of Fountom marine boilers

Compared to land use boilers, Fountom marine boiler has more compact, lightweight structure, ability to endure ship sway, tilt and impact to adapt navigation conditions.

The heat source is the key to categorize Fountom marine boilers:

  • Exhaust Gas Boiler is heated by high temperature diesel engine exhaust gas;
  • Oil Fired Boiler is heated by fuel combustion;
  • Composite Boiler is heated by a combination of heat source from exhaust gas and fuel combustion.

Exhaust Gas Boiler

Fountom keeps the maintenance door on top and discharge pipe for water on the bottom of boiler, which makes it easier to maintain.

Under emergency situation, the boiler can run without water.

Customization are available according to engine exhaust volume, evaporation capacity and dimensions.

Oil Fired Boiler

Fountom oil fired boiler adopts matured technology that is most widely used. It is safe, high efficient (>83%) and automated, the steam accumulation speed is between 15 to 18 minutes.

The pin tubes are welded in the boiler to ensure high thermal conductivity and high strength, also the robust smoke tube has long life expectancy.

Composite Boiler

Fountom composite boiler is a high-performance welded boiler that suits fewer steam demanded vessel, it is safe and less fuel consumptive.

The heating surface of exhaust gas section consists of flat tubes or threaded tubes, for oil fired section, the evaporation capacity is 0.2t/h-5.0t/h.