Sewage Treatment Plant

Marine sewage treatment plant is the machinery sets on a ship that treats the sewage generated by living and machines to make it capable of being discharged in the sea.

The sewage treatment plant is the most crucial machinery for pollution prevention from ships that must comply with MARPOL 73/78 and latest resolution MEPC 227(64). Fountom sewage treatment plant is designed to be used in ocean ships, platforms and even on lands.

Main Technical Data For Model Selection Or Customization

Rated Capacity: 10 ~ 440 Persons

Treated Load (Average): 840 ~ 30800 L/d

Treated Load (Organic): 0.42 ~ 15.4 KgBOD5/d

Power Consumption: 2.25 ~ 11.0 Kw

Dry Weight: 900 ~ 4200 Kg

After Treatment: TSS ≤35mg/L, BOD ≤125mg/L, Thermotolerant Coliform ≤ 100/100Ml, PH: 6 ~ 8.5

Ship Class Certification: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV-GL, RS

General Working Principle

The machinery adopts the principle of activated sludge, bio-contact oxidation and MBR (membrane biological reactor) to digest organic pollutant repeatedly. MBR can treat organic pollutant efficiently, drastically and cleanly to ensure the sewage can meet the standards to be discharged.

Standout Features

  • Horizontal circular structure allows huge pressure resistance and MBR technology saves more on-board space;
  • Auto-control function allows unattended operation 24/7;
  • The after treatment fluid can be recycled to other usage with further treatment.