Fresh Water Generator

The fresh water on a ship is used for drinking, cleaning and cooling, which makes fresh water generator (seawater desalination equipment) definitely essential on board.

Fountom is providing all the three types of marine fresh water generator systems, available certification including: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV-GL, LR, NK, RS.

Categorization Of Marine Fresh Water Generator

There are two major methods of fresh water generators for marine uses: vacuum evaporation and reverse osmosis. Of which vacuum evaporation has two types of equipment: tube type and plate type. 

How Does Marine Fresh Water Generator Works

In a vacuum distillation type fresh water generator, the seawater is heated and distilled in a vacuum chamber with engine remained heat or other heat sources. Then the evaporated water is collected in the condenser.

The reverse osmosis is using membranes to filter the foreign ions out of water molecules over and over to produce fresh water, it is relatively more costly and requires more maintenance.

Vacuum distillation fresh water maker for 1 ~ 150 tons per...

Reverse osmosis type fresh water maker for max. 1500 tons...