Electric Mooring Winch

Category: Marine Winch

Electric mooring winch is a machine which is driven by the electric motor, vessels and ships use it for drawing out and pulling in the lines of cable, rope or chain to attach to docks and stop there safely without drifting and moving; except that, the winch also has other functions, for example, loading and unloading weights. The winches can also be powered by hydraulic pump or diesel engine, that is to say, there are also hydraulic mooring winch and diesel mooring winch optional to meet different mooring needs

The main parts of mooring winch comprise electric motor, mooring drum, warping head (optional), gypsy wheel (for combined winch), gearbox, clutch unit, brake system, and so on. The electric motor drives the winch drum by gearbox to wind rope or cable during mooring work, the brake is fixed between the motor and input shaft. The winch operators can wrap the rope, cable or chain around the winch drum in mooring operations.

As an important marine device, electric mooring winch is used to hold a boat or ship in place at a pier or similar fixture to secure the boat or ship. The winch can be installed on the deck of the ship, which allows the operators to position and secure the ship carefully when it comes to the port. On the ship deck, the operators can control the winch directly, and some mooring winches are also equipped with remote control, which allows the operators to control the winch device at a certain distance. When the winch is not in use, it can be covered to reduce and limit the exposure to the elements and to reduce the risks of injuries. It is worth mentioning that before the mooring work, unnecessary personnel should keep away from the winch for safety reasons.

Driven Mode Electric Driven
Winch Application Mooring