Rubber Fender

Rubber fenders are mainly used as shock absorber to absorb the huge collision force to protect the hull and berthing facility from damage when vessels berth alongside. Rubber fenders are installed along side on ships or docks.

The Rubber Fenders Fountom Provides

Fountom provides a wide range of rubber fenders which are cost effective and efficient solutions to suit any operating environment, condition and requirement. Solid rubber fenders have been used for ages since they are readily available and are considered long lasting.


Rubber fenders come in different forms including, pneumatic type, Cone rubber fender, Supper Cell rubber fender, ‘Wing’ DO Rubber fenders, Foamed filled fenders, Arch type rubber fender and many others. All these types of rubber fender are unique in their own way and come with different specifications and uses.

How To Choose The Right Fender For Your Application

There are many service factors which must be taken into consideration when making a decision on which type and size of fender is best suited for a given application, type of pier structure, type and size of vessel, berthing velocity of vessel, method of berthing, sea currents and wave action. Please check our catalog for the details of some of the most common types of marine fenders.

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