Hydraulic Mooring Winch

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Hydraulic Mooring winch is a machine that provides reliable and safe stop and positioning when ships arrive and stop at piers, it consists of hydraulic system, mooring drums and warping heads. It is available for all the mooring works for various type of ships. It has a rugged design and heavy duty split bronze bearings. The operating mechanism for brakes and clutches are designed for easy and safe manual operation, but may also be remotely operated by hydraulic cylinders. The brakes are easily adjustable. The winch design provides easy access to all points for lubrication and inspections. The mooring winches can be supplied with a pulling capacity from 5 - 60 t and are available in single or double drum configuration, also split drums.

Main components of Fountom Hydraulic Mooring Winch

A complete set of hydraulic mooring winch should include steel structure, hydraulic motors, Gears, hydraulic power unit, control valve group, full set of manual and drawing, special tool and one year spare parts.

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

The hydraulic power unit (HPU) normally consists of four main components: a prime mover (either an engine or electric motor), a pump, a valve, and a reservoir. Each of these components are constructed together and form the main component in a dump trailer’s hydraulic circuit. Together, these components provide the flow (movement) that the system needs to operate. The hydraulic pump provides powers for the machine, drives the motor running and then it passes to pinion gear which is mounted on the axle end of the motor.

Hydraulic Motor

The hydraulic motor is a key component of an anchor windlass, it must be good in quality and after-sale service, that is why Fountom has adopted the famous brands’ hydraulic motor. The torque and speed of the hydraulic motor is selected according to the design of the load capacity and speed of the windlass. Hydraulic motor is with high mechanical efficiency and large torque, which makes the winch work effectively on different working conditions.

Hydraulic Control system

The hydraulic control valve group can control the direction, pressure and the flow of fluid and act as a control unit for the hydraulic system of windlass.

We offer a variety of optional features, such as stainless steel drums, hydraulic or pneumatic brakes and clutches, stainless steel bolts and nuts, galvanized clovers, greasing systems, stainless steel protective covers and many more.

These units can be designed for any type or length of mooring line. They bring value to various types of vessels such as tankers, passenger vessels, freight or inland vessels and barges.

Features and supplying scopes

Electric-hydraulic HPU drive

Single or multi drum configuration

With or without warping end

Rated pull: 5 - 60 t

Manually operated clutch and band brake

Local control

More optional components you can get

Auto tension/tensioning control

Hydraulic operated band brake

Hydraulic operated clutch

Light line speed

Remote control (wireless)

Driven Mode Hydraulic Driven
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