Electric Towing Winch

Category: Marine Winch

The electric towing winch is a device to be used for towing operations on boat and ship, it is driven by a marine specialized electric motor and installed on one ship to tug another one. The electric winch should be set up with automatic brake device, which works when the controller is adjusted to stop or brake position, and it should also work when the winch is without tension.

The brake should be able to support 1.25 times drum load, and to stop the drum rotation with the highest speed without being damaged. Except for towing winch electrically driven, the winches with other power modes like hydraulic towing winch should also have suitable brake device which can also support 1.25 times drum load. Compared with hydraulic towing winch, electric towing winch generally has smaller load capacity and it is usually used on small vessels as needed.

The winch can be combined with cable lifter and be delivered with or without spooling device on request. In addition to the local control on the towing winch, the joystick bridge control with required functions and automation can also be provided.

The electric towing winches supplied by Fountom are easy to install, operate and maintain, ensuring trouble free operation under different marine conditions. For more information about our marine winches used for towing operations, you are free and welcomed to visit our websites and contact us whenever you need, and we promise that you will be provided with all details about the winches you want. To get towing windlass quotation, you just need to send the inquiry.

Technical Parameter

Model Rated load Rated speed Rope capacity Rope diameter Motor power Overall Dimensions
KN m/min m mm KW mm
ETW1-16 160 7.5 500 28 45 3200x4050x2200
ETW1-20 200 7.5 500 30 55 3200x4050x2200
ETW1-25 250 7.5 550 32 75 3600x4350x2580
ETW1-32 320 7.5 600 36 90 3600x4500x2600
ETW1-40 400 5 750 40 90 3700x4800x2860
ETW1-50 500 5 750 52 110 3900x4900x3000
ETW1-63 630 5 850 54 110 4000x5100x3100
ETW1-80 800 5 1000 58 132 4250x5300x3300
ETW1-100 1000 5 1000 64 180 4550x5500x3450
ETW1-125 1250 5 1200 70 220 4850x5800x3700
ETW1-130 1300 5 1200 72 220 5000x6800x3800
ETW1-160 1600 4 1500 82 220 5200x7000x3860
ETW1-200 2000 4 1500 90 250 5350x7200x4000
ETW1-250 2500 4 1500 102 300 5500x7450x4200
ETW1-300 3000 4 1500 110 360 5800x7600x4200
Driven Mode Electric Driven
Winch Application Towing