Marine Electric Jib Crane

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The marine jib crane is a lifting machine which are based on electric hoisting and electric slewing. It has wide 360 degree operation scope which is suitable for deck, dock yard, machining workshop, assembling workshop, foundry, heat treatment plant, transportation, loading and unloading, spare parts to flip homework .Also, it comes with remote control device,so the operator can operate from a long distance, it’s a safe and ideal modern rigger materials and equipment.

This type machine has advantages of the Simple structure, Operate convenience, Turning agile, wide working conditions. They are also often used in simple loading / unloading operations where it is not necessary to spot a load precisely. Eletric Marine Jib cranes most often handle lighter loads at lower duty cycles than their bridge and gantry crane counterparts. If there is a need for precise locating of heavy loads, a large area of hook coverage, or frequent use for heavy loads, the jib crane may not be the best solution.

Safety features of ship jib crane:

Safety is the most important issue for crane. To ensure the safety, the following safety devices are installed in the cranes.

Overload protection device

Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer

Crane traveling limit switch

Voltage lower protection function

Emergency stop system

Lifting height limit device

All the measures can be tailored according to your requests.

Driven Mode Electric Driven