Marine Crane For Engine Room

Category: Marine Crane

The engine room crane is a lifting device mainly used for the engine maintenance work in the engine room of ship, it consists of trolley moving longitudinally and transverse, HM-C type electric hoist, drive system of longitudinally and transverse. The hoist and travelling motor the crane adopts are brake motors with cone rotor, so the crane is compact structured, simple operated, safety guaranteed, easy adjusted and maintained.

Main girder:

Longitudinal trolley frame is fixed on main bridge of traverse by screw connection, suspended form a pair of fixed longitudinal I-steel by eight wheels. Rack is welded on the bottom of I-steel. Longitudinal trolley is driven forward and back through rack-and-pinion gearing.


The trolley suspends form a pair of traverse I-steel by eight wheels, The hoist is fixed under the traverse trolley. Trolley is driven through a brake motor with cone rotor, gearbox, rack-and-pinion gearing, moved left and right.

Travelling gear:

Travelling gear consist of a brake motor with cone rotor, a gearbox, a drive shaft and a pair of pinions. The pinions are meshed with the racks. Which is welded the other bottom of rails fixed to the engine room.

Electric hoist:

Marine electric hoist equipped with two set of brake motor with cone rotor, speed is variable: 8m/min and 0.8 m/min, fitted with electric-mechanical brake which comes into operation as soon as the current supply fails or is cut off.

Safety devices:

The hoisting gear is equipped additionally with limit stops for the upper and lower extreme of hook movement. When either of the two positions is reached, the hoisting gear is stopped automatically. But can still be driven in the opposite direction. The extreme of the crane bridge movement is also limited by gear box-limit Switches.

Engine room crane specifications:

Crane Type Hoisting Load Span Hoisting Height Hoisting Speed Traveling Speed
EC-1 1.5t 4.8m 16m 8/0.8m/min 6.0m/min
EC-2 4.0t 4.2m 16m 8/0.8m/min 6.0m/min
EC-3 4.5t 6.9m 15m 8/0.8m/min 6.0m/min
EC-4 5.0t 6.92m 18m 8/0.8m/min 6.0m/min
EC-5 5.0t 8.1m 18m 8/0.8m/min 6.0m/min
EC-6 6.3t 7.965m 16m 7/0.7m/min 6.0m/min