Marine Telescopic Boom Crane

Category: Marine Crane

The marine telescopic boom cranes are based on a pedestal slewing design with hydraulic cylinder luffing. The boom extension is a telescopic inner section that allows a more flexible and wider operational radius in use and leaves the crane stored in a compact position. The advantages of the telescopic cranes are low weight and less complex design making them maintenance-friendly. The cranes are available in the range from 1–30Ton lifting capacity and are supplied according to customer requirements and numerous optional features.

This series of Marine Telescopic Boom Crane can be of various types of marine vessels selected for lifting goods, spare parts, food use; the overall structure of the machine is divided into the base unit, rotary devices and boom three parts. The motor direct drive pump for pressure oil passes through the hydraulic system to the executing agency to complete the cargo lift. If for some reason have lost power or loss of pressure, all the action will automatically stop, to ensure the safety of crane systems and personnel.

Basic features:

  • Self contained unit with integrated power pack
  • Simple mounting the pedestal to deck by welding or bolts and connecting the power cable
  • No electric slipring
  • Fail-safe brakes on all movements
  • Welded box boom (jib) for low maintenance
  • Maintenance-free jib- and cylinder bearings.

Standard equipment:

  • Shot blasted to SA2,5 plus 2 layers of marine paint
  • Pedestal height between 1.1 and 1.5 m
  • Class certificate on the pedestal
  • Control platform on the crane (left or right-hand side)
  • Full documentation/Owner's manual
  • Working radius and lifting capacity (SWL) according to customer’s request.

Marine Telescopic Cranes Specifications:

Type SWL Working rad Lifting speed Slewing speed Luffing time Lifting height Slewing angle
TB001 10KN 6-12m 15m/min 1r/min 60s 30m 360º
TB002 15KN 8-14m 15m/min 1r/min 60s 30m 360º
TB003 20KN 5-15m 15m/min 1r/min 60s 30m 360º
TB004 30KN 8-18m 15m/min 0.9r/min 70s 30m 360º
TB005 50KN 12-20m 15m/min 0.75r/min 80s 30m 360º
TB006 80KN 12-20m 15m/min 0.75r/min 100s 30m 360º
TB007 100KN 12-20m 15m/min 0.75r/min 110s 30m 360º
TB008 150KN 12-20m 15m/min 0.6r/min 110s 30m 360º
TB009 200KN 16-25m 15m/min 0.6r/min 120s 35m 270º
TB010 250KN 20-30m 15m/min 0.5r/min 120s 40m 270º
TB011 300KN 30m 15m/min 0.4r/min 140s 40m 270º
Driven Mode Hydraulic Driven
Boom Type Telescopic