Davit For Free Fall Lifeboat

The free fall lifeboat davit is a machine which is used for launching and recovering of free-fall lifeboats. This type of davit appliance has completely changed the traditional way of launching lifeboats with boat fall from both sides of the ship. Instead, the lifeboats free fall into the water from the slide of the appliance deviating from the course of the mothership so that the ability of evacuating the ships in distress will increase. The appliance is the life-saving and escape system which is the safest and most reliable internationally; the superiority of free fall lifeboat davit in performance has been recognized by more and more shipowners.

Certification: All IACS Shipping Class certification and MED for Europe.

Model S.W.L (KN) Suitable Boat
FET55 55 MT49CF/FE
FET70 70 MT67CF/FE
FET90 90 MT85CF/FE
FET145 145 MT109CF/FE
Davit Type Free Fall