A-frame Fast Rescue Boat Davit

The electric A-frame (also called A type) fast rescue boat davit is a lifesaving machine which is specially used on board for launching and recovering a fast rescue boat. This appliance is provided with wave compensation unit, which meet with requirement for use on board the vessel.

The A type Arm Rescue Boat davit system is designed to meet or exceed industry standards for retrieving rescue boats safely from rough seas. They come fully self-contained with remotely mounted control stations to allow the operator optimum visibility during operation. This davit systems are single point type with specific models having SOLAS approval. Each one is designed for minimal maintenance and simplified operation. Each davit system incorporates an emergency backup power system for operation in dead-ship conditions. We have the experience to custom design rescue boat davit systems to customer requirements while complying with strict industry standards.

Certification: CCS, BV, ABS, EC, MED (European)

Model S.W.L(KN) Suitable Boat
FTD21 21/27 MT60KR
FTD 27 27 MT60KR
FTD 30 30 MT40KR
Davit Type A-Frame