All equipment sales made by Chongqing Fountom Machinery Co., Ltd. are subject to these conditions unless otherwise agreed in sales contracts or its agreements of Fountom. In all cases of conflict between these conditions and the requirements of the purchase order, conditions in the specific contracts shall prevail.


All equipment sold by Fountom are to be listed in Sales Contract sign and stamped by both the Buyer and the Supplier, the listed equipment shall include:

Main machinery

Ensured with 12months’ warranty since the successful system level test / trial, or 18months since the delivery, whichever date comes first. Fountom will replace or repair for the Buyer, free of charge in the machinery.

Consumable parts/accessories

Within 10 business days since receipt, any damaged/missed pieces shall be written claimed to Fountom, the supplier shall replace/re-deliver any damaged or undelivered parts, new and free of charge. Manufacturing cost shall be charged after this period.

For equipment supplied by third parties, Fountom provides the Buyer technical support in specifications during purchasing, and installation guidance with the Buyer’s demand, yet NO warranty terms shall be complied from Fountom.



Fountom shall provide the qualified technical engineer along with English speaking sales representative to guide the installations and perform all necessary and appropriate adjustments to the referred  equipment. Service visits must be scheduled at least fifteen (15) days before the product delivery.


The Buyer shall provide personnel, tools and materials to assist engineer in installations and tests.


The Supplier shall provide such assistance and advice, if requested, as may be necessary to assist in the use of the equipment and such operation, maintenance and security suggestions to users of the equipment.


The service charge for overseas service is USD dollar $150/engineer/working day (time in trip not included), payable in full upon execution. No service charges for sales representatitives are required. The Buyer shall pay the expenses for both engineer and sales representative of Fountom incurred by the service 7 days before the dispatch of service crew, including airfare and transportation expenses, furthermore, accommodation of hotel and food cost during the services.

If a prescheduled service is canceled by Buyer, expenses incurred by Supplier prior to such cancellation likewise shall be reimbursed.


Standard service shall not include:

  • Repairs resulting from unauthorized changes, modifications or alterations of or to the Equipment;
  • The furnishing of optional accessories or consumable supplies.


The Supplier shall have reasonable and free access to all equipment to provide service thereon, and the Buyer shall provide Supplier a safe place and precautions in which to perform such services.

Fountom Marine,

Chongqing, China at March, 2016.