Tugger Winch

Category: Marine Winch

Tugger winches are especially designed to support offshore vessels. Their main purpose is to support the crew during heavy duty operations, such as working with towing gears, chain bridles or towing plates. Anchor handling and ship handling are two of the main activities in which tugger winches are essential.

The winches can be delivered with joystick bridge control with required functions and automation in addition to the local control on the winch. The rugged design made by experienced engineers ensures trouble free operation. Our tugger winches are designed for the extreme conditions onboard vessels.

We can provide tugger winches in any size and configuration, by looking at your technical requirements and the size of the anchors and ships that you will be handling. Please feel free to contact us for more information!


Electric/hydraulic/pneumatic drive

Single drum with/without warping end configuration

Rated pull (1st layer) - 5 - 30 t

Drum capacity – 100 - 600 m steel wire rope

Manually operated band brake

Local control


Remote control

Secure grid

Driven Mode Hydraulic Driven, Electric Driven