Electric Anchor Handling And Towing Winch

Category: Marine Winch

Electric Anchor handling towing winch is a machine which is used both for anchoring and towing operations for boats and ships, which usually has double or multiple drums placed in line or with waterfall configurations. If it is in a waterfall configuration, there will be a lower anchor handling drum and an upper towing drum.

It is driven by a marine specialized electric motor. With double or triple drums, one or two can be used for towing operations and the other can be used for vessel anchoring with the rotation of the drum to wind rope, and they can be called as anchor handling drum and towing drum. The anchor handling and towing winch can also be with gypsy wheel because some vessels use chain for anchorage, and the size of the chain wheel should comply with that of the chain used on the vessels, otherwise the chain jumping-off may happen during the anchoring operations, which may cause dangers.

This kind of winch usually has heavy load capacity compared with other winches, such as anchor winch, mooring winch and capstan winch. To guarantee vessel safety and stability and avoid risks and dangers under harsh offshore circumstances, the emergency release system should be equipped. The anchor handling towing winch can be set to a maximum permissible lone tension and the set point depends on the vessel loading conditions.

Fountom designs anchor handling and towing winch according as per customers’ demands, the towing and anchor handling winches provided by us are with top quality because we control the quality from the source material and easy installation and operations, and they can work efficiently and reliably, the winch can be designed with different numbers of drum, warping head, and gypsy wheel, we also provide free training for safe installing and operating.

Technical Parameter


Rated load Rated speed Rope capacity Rope diameter Motor power Overall Dimensions
KN m/min m mm KW mm
DATW1-16 160 7.5 500 28 45 3200x4050x2200
DATW1-20 200 7.5 500 30 55 3200x4050x2200
DATW1-25 250 7.5 550 32 75 3600x4350x2580
DATW1-32 320 7.5 600 36 90 3600x4500x2600
DATW1-40 400 5 750 40 90 3700x4800x2860
DATW1-50 500 5 750 52 110 3900x4900x3000
DATW1-63 630 5 850 54 110 4000x5100x3100
DATW1-80 800 5 1000 58 132 4250x5300x3300
DATW1-100 1000 5 1000 64 180 4550x5500x3450
DATW1-125 1250 5 1200 70 220 4850x5800x3700
DATW1-130 1300 5 1200 72 220 5000x6800x3800
DATW1-160 1600 4 1500 82 220 5200x7000x3860
DATW1-200 2000 4 1500 90 250 5350x7200x4000
DATW1-250 2500 4 1500 102 300 5500x7450x4200
DATW1-300 3000 4 1500 110 360 5800x7600x4200
Driven Mode Electric Driven
Winch Application Towing