PBCF (Propeller Boss Cap Fins)

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Starting from January 1st, 2023, all ships are forced to measure their Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI), collecting data and report to annual operational Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII). One of the top solutions is to reduce daily fuel consumption by adding a Propelle Boss Cap Fins to your existing propeller.

Marine propeller PBCF (Propeller Boss Cap Fins) is an extra hub with small fins attached to propeller cap to increase power efficiency. It has been widely accepted an proved for its economic value in fuel saving and low investment, especially for medium and large vessels.

Fountom is experienced in designing such PBCF according to each ship’s arrangement to ensure the most power efficiency and hydrodynamic performance. The number of fins is usually the same as number of propeller blades, for (CPP) controllable pitch propeller, review of the propeller drawing is needed to decide if a PBCF can be added to it.

Send The Propeller Drawing, Get PBCF Quote Today

Results to expect with Fountom PBCF installed

  • Practical fuel consumption saving up to 5% (statistic under same vessel knots);
  • Lower propulsion vibration;
  • Smaller (almost none) rudder impact erosion from propulsion flow.
  • For most vessels tested, return of investment comes even in less than 2 months' sailing.

Other standout features PBCF brings

  • No certificates or approvals required from ship class societies;
  • No adjustments to original shafting designs required;
  • Easy to install with bolts just as conventional propeller caps;
  • Suits for both propellers of new building ships and on-service ships.

Hydrodynamic mechanism of PBCF

PBCF can rectify the strong down stream from propeller blade trailing edge, eliminate the hub vortex, and recover the energy loss due to wake rotation.

The fins reduce the axial velocity of the wake, restore the hub pressure and reduce the hub resistance. Pressure distribution on the hub and cap of propeller with/without PBCF.

How to order and install PBCF

It takes 7 days to design and about 50 days to manufacture the PBCF (actual date to be confirmed in sale), Propeller drawing (with offset table on) is needed to get a formal quote.

Fountom provide:

PBCF & accessories in full set;
PBCF design evaluation;
PBCF dimensional drawing;
PBCF installation manual;
Production & test report;
PBCF offset table (optional);
CCS inspection certificate (optional);
CFD analyses & calculation (optional).

On site support (optional, cost please refer to Service and Warranty Guide).

* Optional items require further documents and extra cost.
* For certification of IACS classes other than CCS, please confirm with us.

Propeller Type Fixed Pitch Propeller, Controllable Pitch Propeller
No. of Blades 4 Blades, 5 Blades, 6 Blades