4 Blade Fixed Pitch Marine Propeller

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4- blade fixed pitch propeller (FPP) is the most common type propeller. Fountom propeller designs are matched to the vessel's hull and its operating profile, to deliver the optimum in propeller efficiency. Based on strong casting technology, specialized processing methods, experienced technical team and advanced machineries, Fountom is capable of design, manufacture medium to giant propeller with diameter up to 8 meters.

propeller hydrodynamic researchFountom has extensive hydrodynamic knowledge and have developed design tools based upon years of experience with calculations, model test results, and full- scale measurements.

What kind of propellers can be ordered from Fountom

Fountom designs and manufactures different types of fixed pitch propellers and the shafts, shafting accessories for various vessels, which in the scope of:

Propeller Diameter: 800~8000mm;

Blade Design Type: Kaplan, MAU, B;

Material: Ni-Al Bronze/Copper (Cu1, Cu3), Stainless steel;

Propeller Blade Number: 4~6 blades;

Blades Dimensional Tolerances: better than ISO 481;

Available Shipping Class: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV-GL, RINA, NK, KR;

Vessel Types: container vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, dry cargo vessels, passenger liners, fishing trawlers, tugboat, etc.

finished fpp

Outstanding features of Fountom propellers

Optimal propeller efficiency

Propeller is the key to maxmize power efficiency, Fountom takes it through design, mannufacturing and test processes, the radial distribution of circulation, resembling lift or thrust shall be specified to obtain the optimum efficiency.

fpp design drawing

Noise, vibration and cavitation control

Design and manufacturer the propellers with low vibration & noise levels and no harmful cavitation.

Take materials seriously

Fountom choose the high-purity copper to build your propellers, and reject recycled low purity coppers, which brings better propeller strength, yet smaller weights to the finished propeller.

Truly your propeller -warranted

Amongst hundreds of shipowners, shipping consultants or even shipyards that orders propellers from Fountom, quite many barely keeps propeller design copies. The absence of the approved propeller design brings big trouble in propulsion system maintenance, repair and replacement. Fountom always send you the approved copies of propellers, and keep a full record. Each propeller shall have a warranty period of 12 months since vessel sea trial, Fountom is confident and responsible for what it sells.

Tip To know more of our propeller manufacturing process, please go to EVENTS > Process of manufacturing marine propeller.

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Propeller Type Fixed Pitch Propeller
No. of Blades 4 Blades