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Fountom can design and manufacture medium and large sized marine propellers. The diameter scope of our fixed pitch propeller is from 500mm to 850mm (approximated 20~330inches), proved durable and strong alloy materials in Cu1 (manganese bronze) and Cu3 (nickel aluminum bronze ). Finished or shipping class approved drawings are acceptable for immediate manufacturing, yet we do also design for drawing-absent projects if hull information is available. The delivery can be made in around 4 to 8 weeks depending on the propeller sizes.

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propeller mold patternMold Patterning

Pitch plates are necessary in sand mold patterning to scrap the spiral surface, its accuracy may directly affect the completed quality of the blades. To determine the sizes of the pitch plates, we will consider the pitch of the blades, and also the casting material shrinkage after pouring, bench thickness and the propeller geometric characteristics.

propeller mold castingMold Casting

Fountom uses clap sand mold to cast the propellers, the propeller face lies under the mold and the propeller back side lies above.
In the sand molding, the first of the triangular pitch plate to complete the appropriate cylindrical surface, and then use the scraper along the axis of the set of helix plate obliquely scraping the surface of the spiral surface. Only a scraper is needed for equivalent pitch blades, the radial linear variable pitch pitch by pitch changes to add a pair of scraper.
Melted alloy will be cast into the mold thereafter.

propeller machiningPropeller Machining

Process: cut off the cast gate, riser, the hub of both ends and shaft hole processing, insert the hole within the keyway, scraping the shaft hole, processing the blade of the page and leaf back, for the balance experiment.
When the processing of the first two ends of the hub of the riser, gate and other spare parts, causing the hub before and after the two datums, and then boring along the center of the hub and hole in the hole slot.
Boring can be carried out in the lathe or boring machine, some large-scale paddle can also use self-made vertical or horizontal boring row processing, processing will generally prepare the model or sample axis to check the processing quality.

blade machiningBlade Processing

According to the propeller measurement to draw the outline of the blade line chisel off the excess part, and then the leaves and leaves the back of the processing. The processing of leaves is based on foliage as a reference plane. After the leaf processing, with it as a reference plane, re-measure the thickness of the blade, and according to the requirements of the drawings to determine the thickness of the metal layer from the back of the blade, the first drilling, drilling depth of the metal layer thickness, The depth of the hole, scoop out the facet shape curve and then remove the excess metal layer along the blade.

propeller packingPropeller Packing

Fountom packs the propulsors with caution. The propeller edges are protected by corrugating paperboard, then the whole propeller body will wrapped by plastic membrane and placed safely into plywood case to avoid any surface damage or corrosion in long-distance transportation.