Hydraulic Deck Cargo Crane

Category: Marine Crane

The marine deck cargo crane is commonly used as cargo container handling equipment. Its features are as follows: high lifting capacity, easy manipulation, enduring resistance, good braking performance, security, reliability, high efficiency on cargo loading and unloading, and good adaptability.

Basic design features:

  • The design is stiff and rigid, with reduced flexibility, giving the operator a faster and more accurate positioning of the cargo.
  • Self contained unit with integrated hydraulic power pack.
  • Fail-safe brakes on all movements.
  • Fully enclosed and equipped drivers cabin with integrated heating.
  • Dual pump system with separate hydraulic circuit for hoist and luffing/slewing to ensure efficient cargo handling.
  • The variable speed hoist will automatically adjust to the highest possible speed for the appropriate load.

Deck cargo crane specifications:

Type SWL Outreach Lifting speed Luffing time Rotating velocity
GC001 25T 20m 20 m/min 60s 0.65r/min
GC002 25T 25m 20m/min 60s 0.65r/min
GC003 25T 30m 20m/min 60s 0.65r/min
GC004 30T 20m 19m/min 70s 0.65r/min
GC005 30T 25m 19m/min 70s 0.65r/min
GC006 30T 30m 19m/min 70s 0.65r/min
GC007 35T 20m 18m/min 80s 0.55r/min
GC008 35T 25m 18m/min 80s 0.55r/min
GC009 35T 30m 18m/min 80s 0.55r/min
GC010 40T 20m 16m/min 90s 0.45r/min
GC011 40T 25m 16m/min 90s 0.45r/min
GC012 40T 30m 16m/min 90s 0.45r/min
Driven Mode Hydraulic Driven
Boom Type Cargo