Diesel Engine Driven Double Gypsy Anchor Windlass

Category: Marine Windlass

Diesel Engine Driven Double gypsy anchor windlass is machine that restrains and manipulates the anchor chain on a boat, allowing the anchor to be raised and lowered by means of chain cable. It is designed for up to 90 mm anchor chains. It is directly driven by diesel engine through a shaft. The windlass and diesel engine are certified by IACS classes. Standard features include fabricated steel construction, gears hardened to exceed working load requirements, clutched and braked drum and corrosion resistance.

Windlasses can be modified to suit customer’s applications and special operating requirements. The double anchor windlass has rugged design and heavy duty split bronze bearings. The operating mechanism for brakes and clutches are designed for easy and safe manual operation. The brakes are easily adjustable. The windlass design provides easy access to all points for lubrication and inspections.


Diesel engine drive

Rated pull (chain gypsies) according to class

Double gypsies configuration

Chain size 19 mm to 90 mm

Manually operated clutch

Manually operated band brake

Local and/or remote control


With or without warping ends

Remote control

Chain length and/or speed measurement

Bridge operated anchor drop

Driven Mode Engine Driven
No. of Gypsy Double Gypsy