Hydraulic Anchor Handling and Towing Winch

Category: Marine Winch

Hydraulic Anchor handling and towing (AHT) winch is a machine mainly used for anchor handling and heavy towing work. They can be used in ports and terminal tugs. Their design and functionality can be customized depending on the scope of work of our clients. AHT winch is offered with hydraulic drive and with spooling device according to client's requirements.

Winches are delivered with advanced bridge control systems including all required functions and automation, in addition to the local control on the winches (which is mainly for maintenance and service). Their rugged design ensures trouble free operation under demanding conditions. We offers a range of anchor handling towing winches up to 400 t capacity (line pull at 1st layer)and a braking force up to 550 tons.

Anchor towing winches can be delivered in a variety of sizes and configurations, with either electrical or hydraulic drives that are sturdy, reliable and with a high pulling and braking force. These products are exactly what you need for all your towing operations, offering you a cost-effective solution comparing to other similar options.


Double drum waterfall configuration

Triple drum waterfall configuration

Side-by-side (double and triple drum configuration)

The winches are of heavy-duty box frame type construction with the main drums running on spherical roller bearings

Drums can be directly driven or de-clutchable


Hydraulic or electrical driven

Double (waterfall or side-by-side) or triple drum configurations

100 - 400 t rated line-pull on first layer

Up to 550 t brake holding static at first layer

Hydraulic operated brake

Dynamic breaking to facilitate high load / high speed lowering without de-clutching

Delivered with spooling device

Local control for maintenance

Remote control (on bridge) for operation

Driven Mode Hydraulic Driven
Winch Application Towing