Diesel Engine Driven Tunnel Thruster

Category: Marine Thruster

By installing diesel driven tunnel thrusters various problems are avoided, for instance the very large power demand of electrically driven bow thrusters, the insulation problems associated with the windings and the complications involved with starting, speed control and reversing.

With horizontally mounted diesel engines with simple speed control through the fuel rack, and a reverse/reduction gearbox. The second arrangement requires an extra gearbox with bevel gears to accommodate change of shaft line. Flexible couplings are also fitted.

The reversing gearbox has ahead and astern clutches, with one casing coupled to the diesel engine shaft and a drive to the other clutch casing, through external gear teeth. The clutch casings rotate in opposite directions and whichever is selected, will apply drive, ahead or astern, to the output shaft. The engine idles when both clutches are disengaged.

Main data:

Propeller Diameter: 550 ~3000mm

Propeller Material: Cu3

Propeller type: Fixed Pitch Propeller

Propeller Blade Number: 4-blade

Driven motor: Electric motor 75kw ~ 2000kw

Driven type: L or Z


Low noise & vibrations to be considered

Manufacturer provide design drawings of propeller and whole system

Certificate: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV-GL, RINA, NK, KR

Commissioning and Installation:

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers attend to do supervising for installation and commissioning as well as training for operation.


Better maneuverability at low speeds of the ship.

Safety of the ship increases when berthing in bad weather.

Saves money due to reduction of stay in port and less usage of tug boats.

Less electrical power required.


Container vessels


Bulk carriers

Dry cargo vessels

Passenger liners

Thruster Type Bow Thruster
Driven Mode Engine Driven
Propeller Type Fix Pitch Thruster