Blade And Hub For Controllable Pitch Propeller

Category: Marine Propeller

Propeller designs are matched to the vessel's hull and its operating profile, to deliver the optimum in propeller efficiency. Design and manufacturer the marine propellers with good fuel economy, low vibration/noise levels and no harmful cavitation.

It requires propeller manufacture having strong casting technology and specialized processing methods, particularly a giant propeller with diameter above 5000mm, manufacturer needs to have an experienced technical team and equipped with advanced equipment.

Main data:

Diameter: 800~4500mm

Weight: 100kg~20Ton

Blade Design type: Kaplan, MAU, B,etc

Material: Ni-Al Bronze/Copper (Cu1, Cu3), Stainless steel(martensitic and austenitic stainless steel propeller blade and hub, diameter less than 3500mm)

Propeller Blade Number: 3/4/5-blade

Blades dimensional tolerances: better than ISO 481 Class S

Low noise & vibrations

Certificate: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV-GL, RINA, NK, KR


Container vessels


Bulk carriers

Dry cargo vessels

Passenger liners

Fishing trawlers


Propeller Type Controllable Pitch Propeller
No. of Blades 3 Blades, 4 Blades, 5 Blades