Hydraulic Mooring Capstan

Category: Marine Capstan

Hydraulic Mooring capstan is a machine for mooring work on various ships when the boat or ship reaches to a port or a dock, it consists of a mooring head for wire ropes range from 11mm to 60mm driven by a hydraulic power pack, the HPU could be diesel driven or electric motor driven. It has the same function as mooring winches. The hydraulic mooring capstan is also usually used for boat anchoring.

Material type of mooring rope will influence capstan drum size, fair-lead type and bending radius, occupied deck space and so on. It’s advised to choose the suitable mooring rope material according to strength, elasticity, durability and operating performance, and cable is suggested for large ship and synthetic fiber rope for medium and small ships. According to material and diameter of the rope, mooring capstans can be designed and produced to suit different types of ships.

Bollard is cast or welded pile firmly installed on deck to fasten one end mooring rope, and there are single-post bollard and double-post bollard according to ship mooring needs. The mooring capstan is available with a rated pull from 3-20 t.

It is widely used especially for mooring and anchoring ships, but its load capacity is not very heavy compared with heavy-load marine winch applied for anchoring and mooring operations.

If you are looking for an anchoring or mooring solution for your ship, capstans should be one of the first things that you consider. The capstan is the simple device and it is easy to install and operate. When you use such a device, you don’t need to worry about the things going wrong, and you can just count on the capstan to work the way it is supposed and expected to. Electric capstan is just such kind of product which can make your operations easier and safer. No one wants the anchoring or mooring work complicated, and therefore it is important to choose the quality capstan winch from leading and professional suppliers.

Driven Mode Hydraulic Driven
Capstan Application Mooring
Capstan Structure Horizontal, Vertical