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With the success of customizing winch seatings, the very same ship yard has ordered another 2 ship sets of customized components for deck machines. The products are strictly manufactured by yard's drawing, passed tests of MT and UT, well packed for long distance sea transportation:

Doublt Bitt For Aft And Fwd - 8pcs

Towing Staple - 2pcs

Winch Seating - 4pcs

Towing Hook Foundation - 2pcs

BV Certificates - 2pcs

Delivery time: 45days after received drawings.

Shipment date: 12 January 2019

Loading port: Shanghai, China

Departure port: VAL PARAISO, Chile

bitt and towing hook foundation BV CERTIFICATE1

bitt and towing hook foundation BV CERTIFICATE2

winch seating winch seating and bitts bollard
safe packing for sea bitt bollard container loading finished